Thursday, June 9, 2011

Women’s Accessories

This is the era of big hats, sometimes very plain, some with great masses of feathers and flowers. 

Towards the end of the decade hats slowly shrank and brims became firm. Because of the Orientalism movement, some women even wore turbans. Hair was also big, with the popular idea being pushed through the previous few decades by Charles Dana Gibson and his Gibson Girls. Even though “Bobbed Hair” is typically thought of as belonging to the next decade, it did make its appearance in this decade as can be viewed in the following 1912 Ziegfeld Follies poster.

Fur stoles and muffs were in vogue as were pearls and simple pendants in the Art Nouveau or Oriental style. Belts and sashes were large and often worn high at the beginning of the decade and slowly moved down to the natural waist by its end. The goal was to accent (or imply) a long, lank frame.

 Louise Brooks

The quintessential hat of the twenties was the cloche, popularized by actresses like Clara Bow (the “It Girl”) and Louise Brooks. While other hats were worn, most were of a close fitting variety or caps that accented the now popular Bobbed hair. Jewelry such as bracelets and brooches became flashier, pearls were still popular and necklaces seem to plunge down to the waistline while hemlines seemed to be retreating to the same point.  The last flapper essential was the little clasp purse.

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