Friday, October 14, 2011

Seersucker Ride!

We at the Alpena Tweed and Bike Club are pleased to announce that we will be organizing a Seersucker Ride over the Father’s Day weekend (that’s the third Sunday in June in the US), 2012! Now this Seersucker Ride is the same idea as our fall Tweed Ride, just held in the summer hence naming it after the classic summer suit material, seersucker (a type of cotton cloth once popular in the south).

Now we will have more details in the near future, as this will be tied to some exciting events for bicyclists and Alpena in general, but for right now we just want to give you a heads up to save the weekend. Additionally we would like to point out that this is THE BEST TIME to find summer clothes on sale! Check your local thrift stores, and on line for people dumping summer cloths!

Now do you have to wear seersucker? No! Other cotton and linen cloth are great summer materials too, and for the brave or cool-blooded you can still ride in tweeds and wools.  Just think of something you can ride comfortably in during the month of June.

This ad kind of makes me want to ride around make "vroom, vroom" noises like I did as a kid.

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