Friday, December 16, 2011

Bicycle Sports to Consider

[Don’t Try This At Home]
Think of all the things that you could do next spring on your bike; you have long rides like races or tours, or short fun rides like our Tweed Rides, or you could start a sweet bicycle sport.  

For example there is Bicycle Polo; think of rich dudes riding around on expensive ponies trying to hit a little ball… except switch out the pony for a bike, and you don’t need the cash flow to feed the steel steed so anyone can take part.

Started in Ireland in 1891 and even exhibited in the 1908 Olympics, this is hardly a new sport. While in its most popular incarnation today is played on hard courts instead of the traditional grass, it is still basically people riding around trying to hit a little ball.

Often played on low geared  single or fixed geared bikes by people who don’t mind taking a tumble off their ride; All you really need are some great bike handling skills, a mallet and a street hockey ball. It is reportedly pretty addictive, so you might want to think twice about starting the habit.

Another bike sport that you might not want to let your mom know you want to try is bicycle jousting!

Whether you participate in something like The Chap Olympiad and use umbrellas to try to pull each other off the bike or ride a Tall Bike and hit each other with lances, the general idea is to duplicate the shenanigans of Medieval Knights and put your opponent on the ground while you ride away.

Here is a starter set for your kids!

Then I ran across this photo and came up with my own idea!

Sadly after doing a quick internet search I found I was not the first to think of it, but still imagine the possibilities of BICYCLE CHARIOT RACING!

You could have straight up Ben Hur races (think of one to four “horses”) or maybe archery where the charioteer shoots at a target as they ride by, or even a modified type of jousting.  The possibilities are endless!

While we don’t recommend the average rider take up any of these sports, we do suggest thinking about other things your bike can do besides riding in a straight line.


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