Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wear the Hinny Meets the Saddle

While many people spend hours sweating over what kind of bike to ride or buy, sometime you can improve an old friend (or a slightly used new friend) with a few accessories. The two most important to my mind are quality tires (which we shall leave to another post) and a quality saddle (that’s a bike seat to the novice). Remember this is the part of the bike that makes contact with some of your most interment parts. You deserve something that will give you the support you need.

While I love the feel of a classic, leather Brooks B17, many other people would say the old girl is as uncomfortable as she looks. While you can read online and print reviews till your eyes fall out, the best way to make sure something works for you is to see if you can borrow one from another rider. After all, your hinny is probably not exactly the same as mine (and you are lucky if it is not).

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