Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What did they mean...

While looking for a picture for something complete different I ran across this  first picture…

I am not really sure what the people at Monarch Bicycles were thinking with this one, maybe, “Our bicycles will take you to wonderful places.” At first I actually thought the lion was eating her, but then realized that she almost looks like she is crying because she is leaving the king of beasts.  So my new guess is “Monarch, the Bike for girls with eye site like Mr Magoo, and serious beard fetishes”  (seems a little wordy)

This second picture also made me look twice. It is clearly trying to tell people that Peugeot Bicycles are light enough for a lady in heals to easily carry up a stairway.  My first thought was, “Why would you advertise that your bike breaks down so much you have to carry it?”

This last one, makes we wonder if they really tried to balance 16 men on the top of a bike. I mean either this a little bit of hyperbole or a safety issue. Either way, “Kids, don’t lie, or try this at home!”

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