Friday, September 2, 2011

Bamboo Bicycles!

We have said in the past that the style or type of bike you bring to the ride doesn't matter. So we wanted to show you a cool bike trend that is both old and new! The bamboo bicycle!

A bamboo bicycle from 1896

For those of you who follow bicycle and green trends the idea of a bamboo bicycle will not be new, but this blog has been written for those of you who really don’t care about either, but just like riding bikes. So here is an interesting idea: using bamboo, that giant member of the glass family, to build the frame of the bicycle. It is fast growing, renewable, strong and one of the first attempts to find something lighter than steel to serve the same function.

A modern Example form Jungle Supply Bamboo

Aluminum alloys, titanium, and carbon fiber have all been used in attempt to do the same thing, but there is now a trend to go back to the first attempt and use something that is fast growing, and in some areas even an invasive species

Example from Calfee Design

There are a growing number of shops who will build, or help you to build a bamboo bike including; Organic Bikes,  Bamboosero, Jungle Supply Bamboo, and Bamboo Bike Studio. They may or may not be something you would want to own, but they are pretty cool.

Also, check out the The Bamboo Bike Project

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