Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ride Review!

The First Annual Alpena Tweed Ride was a success! We had approximately 35 participants, and about three times as much fun!   We would like to thank everyone who rode with us, and everyone who supported us through the whole event. These would include;

Alpena Downtown Development Authority--Donation and Event Assistance
City of Alpena-- Event Assistance
Alpena Area Chamber of Chamber-- Donation and Event Assistance
Alpena Convention and Visitors Bureau-- Event Assistance
Alpena 52-- Donation and Event Assistance
Cobblestone Bike and Vac-- Donation

Blue Phoenix Books-- Donation and Event Assistance
North Country Candy and Gift-- Event Assistance

Black Sheep-- Event Assistance
Carmike Cinemas—Donation

Alpena News--Promotional Support
Good Life—Promotional Support
WBKB- Promotional Support
WATZ—Promotional Support
WHSB—Promotional Support
Alpena 52—Promotional Support

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