Monday, September 19, 2011

New Look!

You many have noticed a new look and blog title; with the success of The First Annual Alpena Tweed Ride we decided to expand our goals a little. First (and most of you probably got this from the “annual” part) is that we are planning to have a Tweed Ride next year, second we want to start having a weekly ride around town. Now unlike the Tweed Ride, there is no theme to these rides, unless having fun is a theme… so anyway, the plan for this “fun” themed ride is just get together for an hour or so with some old, new, and future friends and have a slow cruse around the town. 

For the fall we will probably have the rides at 5:00 on Sunday afternoons. Next summer we may move them to a weekday night and push the time back, but with the days becoming shorter we figured we should try to get people home before dark.  We will post more details later in the week. Send us a message or leave a comment if you have some input!

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